Pihla Farm


ihla Farm

You are welcome to spend your vacation at the beautiful Pihla farm in the Kõpu peninsula situated amidst wonderful nature. The farm is surrounded by forests full of berries and the sea is only three kilometres away. At a

Pihla farm has a very long history. In the 19th century, Pihla Paavel (or Paavel of Pihla), a famous ship builder and owner, bought land from the local landlord and started his home here. The farm was named after both the owner’s surname and the rowan trees (Estonian: pihlakas) growing near it. The house, initially a three part traditional farmhouse, was built ion the 20th century. At approximately the same time the cellar and shed were built as well. The sauna, barn and granary are from the year 1910. Typical Hiiumaa farm buildings are situated relatively far apart but always in a way that leaves a large yard between them, illustrated by old trees or planted culture plants. At a central place there is a well with a pulley. When builidng dwellings it was done so that the living quarters would face the sun. There would also be the „clean yard“. The other side of the house was meant for economic activities. The post mill is partly from the 18th century, therefore one of the oldest remaining post mills in Estonia.distance of a 30 minute walk there is the third oldest still functioning lighthouse in the world (from 1531). There are several hiking trails on the peninsula and a bicycle road going around it. Since Kõpu is geologically the oldest part of Hiiumaa, it is possible ot see old stone burial places on the grounds of Pihla farm, dating back to the 1st millenium BC. In addition to that it is possible to take a look at the oldest preserved post mill in Estonia built in 1762.

In today’s Pihla farm signs of history and present day coexist as friends